What is the Helena Citizens’ Council (HCC)?

The HCC is an elected body composed of four representatives from each of seven neighborhood districts. Established by City Charter, the HCC operates independently from the City Commission and other city officials.

 What Does the HCC Do?

The HCC is charged with making recommendations regarding the City budget and the future development of the City. The HCC:

·   Brings people together to work as a community to improve the quality of life in Helena

·   Meets monthly to listen, learn and advise the city government on issues

·   Acts as a liaison between the city and the residents of Helena

·   Provides citizen representation on boards and committees

·   Gathers and disseminates information about district and citywide issues

·   Fosters civic involvement through programs, services and activities




Get Involved!

The next Helena Citizens' Council meeting is scheduled for February 28 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 326 of the City-County Building. Find meeting agendas here

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